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What does 'pretty' even mean?

The word pretty is used frequently and people use the word to describe many different things but what does it actually mean? In this blog post I will be discussing how society uses the word 'pretty', the impact the media has and how bloggers can have an influence. Not only on ourselves but the younger generation aswell
Is the word pretty defined by media? The media has a huge impact on what we see and how we can think about ourselves. Everyday we see images of well known celebrities looking 'perfect' in magazines: no signs of any flaws etc. Even when we log onto our Instagram it only takes seconds to scroll past an image and think 'I wish I looked like her' or 'she has flawless skin' but does the model even look like that herself? especially with the high rise of photoshopping and the increase in cosmetic surgery. Does the word 'pretty' mean having to conform to a certain standard that the media portrays e.g flawless skin, slim, long hair, tanned …
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Primark and New Look haul

I am back after an unexpected blogging break, it's been a month since my last blogpost (where has the time gone?!) The main reason for not blogging is uni assignments for the past month. Now they are out of the way I am back blogging. You can expect blog posts at least once per week on a Sunday.
Anyways, yesterday I went out Christmas shopping (yes I said the word c word) the shops are already so hectic but whilst out shopping I also bought a few things for myself. Christmas shopping for other people is fun but you can never resit buying something for yourself aswell. In this post I will be showing you the things I bought from Primark and New Look.
Reindeer slippers £3.50 When I saw these I knew I had to buy them as they are really cute and adorable. Slippers are something I wear all of the time especially as it's freezing cold. These are so soft and festive. 'Leather' skirt £10 I have been after a skirt like this for ages but I haven't found any that are fla…

What I got for my 21st Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday, I finally turn 21. It seems like such an ‘adult’ and ‘grown up’ age when in reality it probably isn’t at all. In this post I will be showing you what I got for my 21st Birthday, as these type of posts are always highly requested, they are also my favourite to read.
Disclaimer I am not trying to brag or ‘show off’ at all. I am really grateful for all of my gifts and I love them all.I also have no siblings which explains why I probably get more things for my birthday.
My presents were already wrapped up when I came downstairs
Two trips to London to appear in the audience of Big Brother’s Bit on the side If you follow me on Twitter you will know I am a huge Rylan Clark Neal fan. I love him so much and I have always wanted to meet him, well my ‘dream came true’ and I finally got to meet him (twice!) which I am so lucky and grateful for. I am also a huge Big Brother fan, when the show is on I am constantly tweeting about it most nights, having my opinion on what …

Early 21st Birthday Makeup and OOTN

Last night was my early 21st birthday night out, my actual birthday isn't until October 18th (next Wednesday) I went out with the girls for a meal and then drinks round town afterwards.
In this blog post I will be talking about what I wore and also the makeup that I wore. For my 21st birthday night out I wanted to look glam e.g the hair, makeup and outfit. The more sequins and glitter the better in my opinion. If you can't go 'all out' on your birthday night out then when can you.
Makeup For my makeup I went for full coverage, bronzed, glitter and bold. I did wear a lot of makeup last night so this look might not be for everyone if you hate wearing lots of makeup. Base Smashbox photo finish primer This primer is silicone based and it makes your makeup apply more smoothly and lasts longer MUA pro base - peach I apply this before foundation as it's a peach corrector. This counteracts dark circles. Estee Lauder double wear foundation - 1N2 ECRU My all time favourite found…