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Urban Decay Jean Michel Basquiat Collection JMBXNCL

A few weeks ago I attended the launch of Urban Decay collaboration with Jean Michel Basquait. The lovely Laura from Ellefluence organised this event. I attended an Urban Decay event last year, so I had high hopes for this event.
The event took place in Newcastle Debenhams and Michael (Urban Decay makeup artist) told us some interesting facts about Jean Michel Basquait. He was born in Brooklyn American artist He favoured art work from the 70's His main style was informal graffiti He passed away when he was 27 years old in 1988 The makeup packaging can be used as artwork to hang up on your wall, once you use the product up.
Urban Decay Newcastle Debenhams team

The looks created 3 looks were created at the event. 3 of the Urban Decay makeup artists each created a look using each of the palettes.
Look number 1 Gold Griot eyeshadow palette £35 Neisha created the first look on Gemma. She created a brown smokey eye using the palette. She used a darker brown all over the lid Lighter brown in the …
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Spring Picks from Slay Girl Fashion

I haven't done a fashion picks post on my blog before, so I've decided to do one today. The brand that I will be featuring is Slay Girl Fashion as they have really nice clothes at affordable prices.

Plum Bandage Bodycon Dress
£26 This dress is ideal for going on a night out, birthday party etc. I really like the colour of this dress and the straps. For those of you who want to feel extra glam or to show off your figure, this dress does that.

Pink Suede lace up skirt £20 This skirt is ideal for spring as it can be worn many different ways. It can be worn either with bare legs and a top etc in the warmer weather or with tights etc (when the weather is colder). You can also dress this skirt up for a night out or down for a more casual day time look.
Two Piece leather skirt set £24
The leather look is something people will either love or loathe. I personally think leather clothes can be flattering if you pick the right pieces and can look classy. This set is really nice as it's two …

The Bridges Fashion Weekend

On Thursday night I was kindly invited to attended the Sunderland Bridges Fashion show. This is part of the fashion weekend. Throughout the weekend shows will be taking place throughout the day and afternoon. These shows feature all high street brands hottest and most fashionable looks. These shows are really good to give you fashion inspiration and to see what clothes look like on the model, instead of just on a hanger.
Host Kelly Scott hosts the show. She gives you an introduction of what is coming up during the fashion show.
Primark Warehouse New Look Topshop Topman
Outfits shown I really liked the outfits shown during the show. I especially like the black maxi printed skirt from Primark. I also really like the pink fluffy/metallic shoes from Primark. Anyone that knows me knows I love heels especially if they are pink. The red flared trousers from Topshop are so pretty. The red trousers seemed to be everyone's favourite from the show.
Goody bag I was kindly given a goody bag for attendi…


I haven't done a Q&A this year. So I asked on Twitter etc if you had any questions that you wanted to ask me.
What inspired you and what made you want to start your own blog? I started getting into makeup when I was around 13 years old. I used to go through my Mam's makeup bag and play with her makeup. Since then it's something I have always loved. I then discovered YouTube and the makeup community on there. Who can remember lollipop26, JuicyStar07? I was fascinated by watching them and learnt a lot of makeup techniques. I watched YouTube and read blogs for years before I decided to create my own. I decided to start blogging as I got a lot of people tweeting me on Twitter that I should set one up. As they were interested to know my thoughts on certain products, what I recommend, how I create certain looks etc.I also wanted my own little space to talk about the makeup I'm currently loving, products that I dislike etc. I never get bored talking about makeup and having …

Rimmel: Volume Shake mascara review

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent this Rimmel mascara to review*. When it comes to mascara's I am fussy as I have really sensitive eyes. That's why I like to use a mascara for a while before I review it on my blog. Mascara's can also change within a few weeks of use ( you shouldn't keep your mascara longer than 3 months)
The mascara is unique and first to market patented shaker system. What this means is when the mascara starts getting older and drying out more, you simply shake to refresh. You can do this as many times as you want. As the mascara does come with a shaker system it means it is heavier (compared to a regular mascara).
My Thoughts
The packaging is a dark grey with gold writing on. I personally like this as the gold makes it look a lot more expensive. The weight of this mascara doesn't bother me and I doubt it will bother many other people.
The wand is a medium sized wand, I personally don't mind these type of mascara wands. The wand creates a volum…

How to perfect your blowdry at home ft Arconic and Envy Professionals

For the past week or so I have been trying out Envy Professionals: Style Hero, Super oil and brush*. My hair is quite dry, thin and I have split ends. This is my own fault as I have bleached my hair for years. I was also sent the Arconic curved paddle brush, ideal for blow-drying your hair at home for salon results. Envy Professionals hair care range is designed to suit whatever hair type you have. Whether you want to add shine to your hair, more volume etc Envy Professionals has you covered.
About Envy Luxury hair care range for all hair types Founded my hairdressers
Arconic curved paddle brush This brush is designed for medium to long hair, because of it's size it allows you to gather large sections of hair. This makes blow drying your hair a lot faster with a professional finish. I find this brush really easy to use and I have plenty of control when using it. I clip sections of my hair up. Then I use this brush (with the hair dryer) to dry my hair. This brush creates a smooth and st…

Lisa Blur lipsticks review

Lisa Blur* is a brand I have never heard of before until I was given the chance to pick two products from the website to review. I decided to pick two lipsticks (different finishes) as I am a huge lipstick fan. I love buying and trying out lots of lipsticks, as I am fussy.
About Lisa Blur Created for people with a passion for makeup Makeup is both an art and lifestyle choice Easy to apply and long lasting products Designed for luxury and practicality
The Lipsticks Left: Mirange (Satin) Right: Galaxy (Matte)
These are the two shades that I decided to pick. If you have followed me for a while you will know that I love pink lipsticks. Mirange is the perfect pink shade for the summer. I also wanted to try a coral lipstick so I went with Galaxy. As you can see from the swatches above (one swipe) both lipsticks are highly pigmented.
The packaging is a classic black that's easy enough to fit in any bag. These feel like a 'high end' lipstick. In terms of packaging and quality wise.