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Makeup & OOTN for BBBOTS audience

Big Brother has always been one of my favourite reality tv shows. I have watched it for years ( the civilian bb and the celeb bb) and I tweet about it most nights. I was overjoyed to find out that I had tickets be in the audience of Big Brother's bit on the side (for me and my Mam). To say I was excited to appear in the audience of the show was an understatement. Especially as I have always wanted to meet Rylan. He has always been the one celebrity that I have dreamed of meeting. When I met him I did have a fan girl moment, I just couldn't help myself especially when he actually talked to me and held my hand. Totally worth the 7 hours travel.
Anyways, in this post I will be talking about the makeup and outfit that I wore. I wanted to get glammed up but not dress over the top.
Makeup I did wear a lot of makeup and this will seem like an extreme amount to some people, but to me it isn't. I wanted my face to look flawless and bronzed. I decided on a gold glitter smokey eye with a…