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Sunderland Restaurant Week: Safari Supper

Sunderland Restaurant week returns again from Saturday 17th March until Sunday 25th March. I was kindly invited along to sample some of the restaurants taking part this year. It's a great way to try out new restaurants within the area at amazing discounted prices. The prices vary from £5 for local cafes, £10-£15pp for a two and three course set menus.
Itinerary Canapes and cocktails: El Nido Starters: 2 Church Lane Main course: The Engine Room Dessert: The Peacock
I haven't visited any of these venues before so I was really excited to visit each one. Especially as these venue's are new to the area of Sunderland.
El Nido Canapes and cocktails Sunderland restaurant week offer Starter and burrito or 2 tacos for £10 Add a desert or cocktail for £15
El Nido is the newest restaurant to open in Sunderland and is unique within the city centre as it's a Mexican restaurant. There has been so much hype surrounded by this restaurant I was intrigued to go along myself and see if it's re…
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New in from Essence

Essence is one of my favourite high street makeup brands as the products are really affordable and good quality. I have talked about Essence quite a bit on my blog and social media especially the lip liners as they are amazing quality that rival high end lip liners for only £1. In this blog post I will be talking about some ew products that Essence have launched which they kindly sent me*
Fame in a bottle Loose glitter I am a huge fan on glitter especially on the nails as it means your nails will remain chip free for at least a week. This glitter comes in a bottle which means you will get a more opaque finish on your nails.
How to apply Use a base coat so that the glitter can adhere to your nails Either sprinkle the glitter on your nail or press the glitter onto your nail for a more opaque finish Finish off with a top coat to secure the glitter in place
Space stories nail polish 01 Outta space is the place This nail varnish is holographic and gives your nails a metallic/iridescent finish. T…

High street makeup haul

A couple of weeks ago I went out shopping, these are the makeup items that I bought. I haven't bought makeup in months especially high street makeup. I am really pleased with the items that I did buy and I can't wait to use them.
NYX #GlitterGoals This set includes: Travel size glitter glue Shades Luna/Lune Purple/Violet Pink/Rose
For Christmas I got a NYX Glittergoals set but in a different colour. When I saw this set I knew I 'needed' it as I don't own a purple or a white glitter, plus I am a huge fan of the glitter glue. As it adheres the glitter well, doesn't irritate your eyes and is easy to remove.
NYX glam shadow 19 Wedding cake I am a huge fan of white eyeshadow and the 'quest' to find a white eyeshadow that is really pigmented and bright. This eyeshadow caught my attention as it's a 'true bright white'. I also found the name of the eyeshadow really cute, does anyone else get drawn to a product even more when it has a cute name? Or is th…

Why I'm not a typical English lit student

I am currently in my 2nd year at university studying English BA. At my university there are two English courses. English and creative writing and just English (which focuses on Literature). I decided to just do English which mainly focuses on literature as people that I spoke to advised me this would be the better option for me as I want to become a secondary school teacher. In this post I will be discussing why I'm not a 'typical' or 'stereotypical'  English literature student. This post is meant to be light hearted and I don't mean to cause offence to anyone so bare that in mind...... Side note: please excuse if my grammar, punctuation isn't the best in this post, it's not a university essay.

I don't read books for 'fun' or 'enjoyment in my spare time When you study English at university this is a major assumption that you do enjoy reading in your spare time, you've heard of all these authors that the lecturers have mentioned and you…